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HACCP & Food Safety Certificate Program

Welcome to HACCP & Food Safety Online Training

Food safety will always be an important topic in the food industry. HACCP is considered one of most internationally recognized and trusted safety programs in the food industry.  

For individuals, the Food Centre’s HACCP & Food Safety Certificate Program can be your first step to being part of a growing industry and will open doors to many opportunities in the food industry. It will position you to take on the role of HACCP Coordinator and can lay the foundation for those interested in becoming a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Technician or Manager. 

For food processors, HACCP is globally recognized and lets your customers know that your produts are safe for consumption.  Having a functional HACCP system can enhance the marketability of your products in the international marketplace. The online HACCP & Food Safety Certificate Program offers training to your employees to initiate and successfully manage your HACCP Food Safety system to consistently ensure product safety.

The Food Centre's HACCP & Food Safety Certificate Program is International HACCP Alliance accredited (October, 2015). The online training format is flexible and convenient. Log in to train anytime and anywhere. 



"The first time I heard HACCP was when I worked in the food industry.  As part of the management team, I had to get involved with HACCP. The course helped me to see the whole picture of food safety. It's highly recommended for both who are just starting to learn about it and for those who are implementing it

Sonny, Saskatchewan.  Received September 2011

"As a Culinary Instructor, this course has been a huge help to me.  Food safety is an integral part of a professional cook's job.  This course has equipped me to be a better professional!"

Michael, Alberta. Received August 2011

"I am really enjoying the course. It just got me a job! I have been searching since September, and I was hired based mostly on the fact that I was working on getting this Certificate."

Samantha, Ontario. Received March 2010

"I’d like to let you know that yesterday I registered for the Certificate Program. I started reading and I found it very interesting and easy to follow. I have spent over 6 years in University and I have not found such a perfectly structured and very well done teaching system."

"I highly recommend this course to everyone interested in this field. I have had a great time while I was studying, which is amazing."

Susan, British Columbia. Graduated April 2009

"I am pleased with the knowledge, I am a nurse and my husband bought a federal meat plant and I use the information to do the verification and validation of the HACCP plan."

Jennifer, Ontario. Graduated April 2009

Upon successful completion of this training program, you will understand:

  • The role of HACCP in reducing food safety risks 
  • How to identify and control hazards
  • The importance of Prerequisites as a foundation of HACCP 
  • How to initiate a HACCP System and apply the 7 HACCP Principles
  • The process of implementing HACCP in a food facility
  • How to validate and verify HACCP is working 
  • How to audit and keep HACCP relevant
The HACCP & Food Safety Certificate Program is comprised of 20 modules separated into 3 stages.  Choose to train all modules to obtain a certificate or individual stages for knowledge upgrade.
  • Stage 1 HACCP Overview & Building Blocks - 5 modules
    Provides an overview of a food safety system, starting from an introduction of HACCP through to the principles of a functioning HACCP system.  
  • Stage 2 Prerequisite Programs - 7 modules
    Provides detailed inforamtion on each of the seven Prerequisites under the CFIA  HACCP system (FSEP), including food safety concerns specific to each prerequisite, as well as how to verify that the prerequisite is complete.    
  • Stage 3 Developing HACCP Plans - 8 modules
    Provides detailed information for each of the 12 steps of HACCP implementation, including the 7 principles of HACCP.  These modules provide step-by-step instructions on how to complete HACCP forms (#1-10), with examples of forms and written documents.  
Review & Final Exam
  • The Certificate Program contains a fun practice exam to review material, as well as the final exam which is based on content from all 19 modules.
Supplemental Resources
  • Access a variety of supplemental materials that will help you understand regulations and other systems that are required with food processing. 
HACCP Workbook Binder and Templates
  • When you register for the Certificate Training, you will receive, by mail, a binder which you can use to store printed information from for future reference.  This can be course materials, pdfs, examples, etc.   
  • The HACCP Workbook Binder also contains a CD of HACCP templates that are examples of HACCP documents (FSEP-based) and records you can customize to suit your company's manufacturing when developing a HACCP system. 

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Financial support for the HACCP & Food Safety Certificate Program has been provided by the Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan through the Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Saskatchewan (ACAAFS) program.  Funding for the ACAAFS program is provided by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.